Heat + Flavor = Devil's envy

Mexico has a flare for adding spice to virtually everything. Originally created by my aunt in Mexico, this homemade recipe has been enjoyed by my family for decades.  It all started when we wanted to find flavors beyond the wonderful, but typical, canned varieties of spices including chile jalapeno and chipotle peppers.  We were looking for something a little spicier with great flavor.  So my aunt, inspired, had an idea one day and prepared a batch of a unique and flavorful hot chili spice.  It was a total hit and what today we call Devil's Envy. There are many products that hit the spice notes and others that create great flavor… but not both together.  We were enjoying it regularly ourselves for many years, when we started to get requests from our friends and guests to know the recipe. They were thoroughly impressed! Most said, half-jokingly, that we should bottle it and sell it.  It took a while, but after nearly a decade of making small batches for personal consumption (and close friends), we decided to let others enjoy the same.  Hope you enjoy Devil's Envy as much as we do!

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