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Spice with a kick!
I use Devil’s Envy when I make my meat sauce. Brings a nice kick and has a great taste with the heat. Also spread it over pizza and many other plates. Always adds a nice kick. Good luck my friend I wish you well!
— David M.

Great spice. Very unique and makes every dish delicious.
— Zina G.

Very tasty compliment.
I have been loving Devils Envy since trying it. It’s hot but doesn’t burn up my taste buds. It is flavorful and compliments many foods with its roasty aroma and hot flavor.
— Tal Z.

Devil’s Envy rocks!
I swear by this spice. It is part of every meal I eat. A light sprinkle goes a long way in satisfying my Indian taste buds. I eat this with Chicken Tortilla Soup, tacos, Indian curry, Chinese dumplings and even with a simple toast with Swiss cheese on top. Kudos to the manufacturers!
— Manjari S.

One of a kind!
I have enjoyed a plethora of spices from all over the world, including bottled to wet & dry rubs. But I have to tell you Devil’s Envy is in a class all by itself. It combines a touch of wet and the exact portion of dry rub to provide you with a unique flavor and consistency that will add the perfect addition to any recipe!
— David T.

A+ FLAVOR! That’s what sets Devil’s Envy apart from the other spices on the market. It looks intimidating after twisting off the cap and its aroma fills the air, but it’s not a spice that’s senselessly spicy. Rather, it’s the most flavorful spice I’ve tried in recent memory. So far my friends and I have tried it with pizza, Thai food, pasta, olive oil and bread. We will be ordering more soon! Give it a try :)
— Raman S.

When I first opened the jar, I thought uh-oh…it’s awfully hot looking for the “medium” spice. I then added about a ½ tsp to my container of chickpea salad and dug in. It was delicious, it stayed “warm and flavorful!” The Devil is going to be envious!
— Rose
I have tried this spice on everything I own. It’s best on everything Italian. Loved it on my pizza and pasta
— George
I loved his spice because it was different and had a nice kick to it
— Facia C.
This was a great tasting and unique spice I couldn’t find anywhere. This blend was great and bought several jars as holiday stocking stuffers
— Veronica

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OMG! We love it. Cook Mostly everything with it. Thank you and good luck!
— Deborah B.