My name is Mike Farca and I was raised by 2 immigrant parents. The richness and cultural diversity I grew up with is truly amazing. My mother is from Israel and my Father is from Mexico. Both cultures have dynamic and flavorful kitchens. My family and I have enjoyed eating spicy food for as long as I can remember.  Mexico, in particular, has a flare for adding spice and heat to virtually everything. 

As a family we enjoyed the typical canned varieties of spices, including chile jalapeno and chipotle peppers.  They were wonderful, but we we wanted to find something that added both spice and flavor.

We found plenty of products that hit spicy or flavor notes separately, but never together.  Then one day, my aunt got an idea for a spicy, flavorful mix - and she nailed it!  The results were both spicy and robust with flavor. It was the first batch of what we now call Devil's Envy.   

Having enjoyed it ourselves for years, we shared it regularly with anyone who came to our house. We would take it to friends’ houses and even bring it with us out to add to our meals when dining out at restaurants.  I recall one time the restaurant staff trying it as it out. Most joked that I should bottle and sell it.  Well, after nearly two decades of making small batches for my family's consumption (and close friends), we decided to let others in on the special spice. It gives me great pleasure to share this home-made Mexican spice - as a tribute to my family's love of cooking - and share it with you and your family.